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JotIt allows you to efficiently take notes on various topics during the day. You can use it to record meeting notes, create idea lists, grocery lists, etc. You can create an unlimited number of notes on different topics during the day and JotIt will record them and organize them on a calendar for easy location later. This program is currently also available on Windows,Mac,Linux via and on the BlackBerry PlayBook via AppWorld. There will be Android and iOS versions available shortly via the respective stores.

There are three views in the current version.

1. The calendar view displays the selected month and shows you how many notes you have recorded on each day. When you click on a day, the list of notes is displayed on the right. If you click on a note you will move to the daily view. If there are no notes for that day an untitled one will be created.

2. The daily view displays the notes recorded on that day on the left and allows you to manage the notes for the day and add information to them. You can switch between the notes for that day and the "pinned" notes which are available in all days. The notes are automatically saved when you switch between them or edit them. There is also an auto save option which will save the notes every 10 seconds but is adjustable via the settings page.

3. The search view allows you to search through your notes and get a list of matching notes. You can create reports of these notes. These can be sent via email (this is working in the desktop version but waiting for a PlayBook fix for the pb version).

If you notice a bug or have an idea for a feature please send contact me at

Current Features:

- Virtually unlimited notes can be recorded each day. This lets you organize your notes in a way that makes sense.
- A calendar view allows you to easily see a summary of the number of notes that you have recorded for each day. Clicking on the day will show a list of the notes for that day.
- Notes are automatically saved when you leave the note. They can also be automatically saved every 10 seconds.
- Notes are stored as xml documents in an organized tree within your documents folder. The notes are organized by year and month and saved with a descriptive filename containing the topic and date.
- User selection of document root (current JotIt in your documents folder) via the settings page. This can be used to facilitate syncing (Dropbox for example)
- Ability to search notes and locate text. Notes can be combined into a report for mailing or saving via pdf (coming soon)
- Ability to create reports from notes in a search
- Ability to send notes and reports via email (waiting for a PlayBook bug to be fixed)
- Pinned notes which are not tied to a day but are available in all day views (useful for ideas)

- Coming soon is the ability to save a pdf version of the note or report.

Ideas for Future Development (as my time permits):

- Formatting for the notes area to allow for bolding, italics etc.
- Checkboxes to allow for the creation of check lists and action items
- Spell checking
- Posting to a blog site
- Synching to the internet to allow notes to be transferred between devices.

* Other suggestions from users. If you have an idea that would make this product more useful I would love to hear about it.

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