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The main goal of the Coach Assistant program is to assist the Coach with keeping track of the team's players during a game and assisting with the planning of player rotations. During a game situation, it can become quite time consuming to keep track of which players are on the field and which are on the sidelines and to coordinate the upcoming substitutions. The Coach Assistant program can help. This program keeps track of which players are at the current game and which are absent. For the active players, it keeps track of whether they are on or off the field at the current time and presents this information graphically on a diagram of the field so that you can keep track of what positions are being played. It keeps statistics on the length of time that individuals have been playing or sitting as well as total statistics for time played and time sitting on the sidelines. This allows the Coach to determine if players are getting tired and to keep the play time fair in the case of recreational leagues. This information is presented on the graphical display as well as in a single table for easy viewing. Substitutions can be easily planned by clicking on the players involved. These substitutions can be reviewed in a simple list view so that the Coach can see which players are being substituted and inform them of the changes. The creation and editing of the player information is controlled through the simple touch interface provided by the ipod touch and iphone. You can select from a list of icons to represent male and female players and indicate their jersey numbers so that you can more easily find them on the field. Why not check out the coach assistant manual for a better idea of how it works.

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Coach assistant game statistics
Coach assistant substitutions list

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