Game View

The game view is responsible for managing the activities of the game in progress. There are three different "pages" to this view which are flipped like pages in a book. The sides are:

  1. The setup page
  2. The game play page
  3. The absent and injured page

Setup Page

When you click on the setup button at the bottom of the playing view, the page will flip to the right and display a game setup page. You can select the type of background to use to suit the game that you are playing. To select a different background, simply select the desired image from the picker view.
You can change the desired play length for a player from the edit box on the page. This is the maximum length that you would ideally play a player for. When this is exceeded by a player on the field the status will display in red. This also counts for off time as well so if a player is sitting too long their status will also display in red. This only serves as an indicator for the coach that the player should be substituted.
The reset game button will reset all of the game counters to 0. This should be performed at the beginning of a game. You will be prompted to confirm this operation because it cannot be undone.

Clicking on the done button at the bottom of the page will return you to the game play page.

Game Play Page and Absent Page

This is the main page of the program and displays all of the active players on an image of the field in use. Active players are those that are not absent for that game or injured. In this view you can put players into play, set up substitutions for players on the field, swap players with substitutes, and mark players as absent or injured
The screen is basically divided into two halves. The top half which contains the field image is for players that are in play at the moment. You can move players around by dragging them on the field to the desired location. The bottom half of the field is for the substitutes that are not playing. You can see from the player status whether they are currently 'on' or 'off'.
Probably the first thing when starting a game is to identify the players that are available and moving the absent players out of the way. To do this simply double click on the players that are not there and you will be prompted to make them absent. If you click yes they will move the absent page and the page will flip so that you know where they went. To get back to the playing page click on the playing button at the bottom of the screen. This can also be used for injured players. Simply mark them as absent.

If a player arrives late or an injured player can resume playing, simply click on the 'absent' button at the bottom of the game play page to flip to the absent player page. Then double click on the icon of the player that you want to return to the active roster and accept the message to mark them as not absent. The icon will move the game play page and the page will flip.

Click on the playing button to return to the playing page

The status of the players is indicated in a white box underneath the player icon. The player can be:

  • Off: indicating that they are not playing at the moment
  • On: indicating that they are playing currently
  • In for #: indicating that they are pending a substitution for player #
  • Absent: indicating that they are absent or injured and cannot be used

You can drag the players around the field to initially place your first round in the desired locations. When you want to substitute players or swap them it is much easier to simply click the source player and then click the target player.
When the player is selected, a white ellipse appears behind it and a small pin is displayed (see the picture above). Note that tapping the player again will unselect him/her as well as tapping an empty area of the field will unselect them.
There are a number of swapping and substituting operations that sometimes need to be performed.

  • The main operation is to prepare for a round of substitutions. You can do this by dragging a player from the substitutes area on top of the player that is to be replaced. The icon will move down and to the left or right of the player and the status bar will change to "In for #" to indicate that this player is pending a substitution. However dragging the icons is difficult so you can also tap the player that is to substitute and then tap the player on the field that will be replaced.

    Note that the playing player is not yet replaced you have only indicated your intention to replace him/her. If you make a mistake click on the substituting player and drag it to the substitute area.
    When the substitution actually occurs during a stoppage of play click the 'substitute' button at the bottom of the screen and all the pending substitutions will be committed and the appropriate playing players will be moved off the field to the substitutes area.
    Before Substitution After Substitution
  • Sometimes it is necessary quickly swap a player due to an injury without waiting for a substitution round. To do this click on the player that is on the field first and then click on the substitute from the substitute area. The swap will happen immediately.
  • If you need to swap positions on the field simply click on one of the players and then the other and they will exchange positions. This is also true for swapping players in the substitution area although this is purely cosmetic.

Finally, to begin the game and start the counters, click on the small stopwatch in the top right corner of the screen. The title will change from "Game Stopped" to "Currently Playing". If there is a stoppage of play such as half time that you want to stop the clock for simply click the icon again.

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